Guys wearing Ugg boots — Hot or Not?

Men Wearing Uggs

Men Wearing Uggs

I was walking around school on Friday, about to leave to go home …and I saw a guy walk past me wearing Ugg boots.  Uggs have been worn by girls for about a decade now, and have been very popular because of their comfort and warmth.  I had to take a second look though.  I am all about people being daring and trying out new trends, but I’m not too sure what I think about this trend.

Here are a few guys wearing them, I guess they are calling the trend “Mugs.”  Just like every other trend, I guess some can pull it off and some cannot.  This guy however, CANNOT:



It is one of those trends, where celebrites are wearing them — so it’s ok if everyone else does too …I guess? But I still don’t think that they are too flattering.

Celebrities wearing Uggs

Celebrities Wearing Uggs

Through my browsing though, however, I did come upon a pair I was kind of fond of (if worn the right way!).



See with this pair, they got away from the traditional woman’s feminine look and added a little bit of a more masculine look to it.  I mean I can understand why guys would maybe want to wear them, they are very comfortable! But if this trend is here to stay, or not, they are great to wear on campus walking from building to building whenever it is cold out.

Man wearing uggs

Man Wearing Uggs

What is your take on the “Mug” trend?


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