Vera Bradley — Really worth the price?

Vera Bradley Purses

Vera Bradley

Monday at school, my friends and I were sitting on the benches outside on the quad waiting for our next class to come up. We started talking about different fads that people go through with clothes and accessories and such.  So I brought up the topic of Vera Bradley, whom is an accessories brand. They weren’t sure what I was talking about, so I pointed out a book bag that a girl was carrying.  Then another girl walked past, and another and another with same style bag. Then before you knew it we counted 27 different girls in a 3 minutes time, walking around outside at school carrying the same type of bag, purse or book bag.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Book Bag

A tote or a book bag can run from anywhere between $38, $60 or even up to $80. For a college student, I feel like that is too much money to spend with (if it’s your own money) on a book bag that almost every girl in school has! I’m a girl who likes to be different.  I have a very hard time falling into fads.  I really do not see the point of having something that everyone else and their mother has.


Vera Bradley Wallet

I had a wallet like this that one of my old bosses had bought for me.  It was a very nice gesture, and I used to for about a year.  It was very sturdy, and carried a lot of stuff in it and also had a zipper so nothing would fall out of it.  For me to rock this style,  I would have to find something very different.  So while I was browsing through the Vera Bradley website to try to find material for my blog, I came upon this little guy…

Vera Bradley Bag

Laptop Carrier

This is a bag to carry your laptop or iPad, or anything of that sort, in.  The bag folds down in half, and I LOVE this design.  If you see it up close, it’s awesome.  Its roses and one of my favorite colors of blue.  I feel like this design is completely different from any of the traditional designs/colors they normally put on these bags.  I would probably rock this out around school if I needed to carry my laptop.  Plus no one would probably have this one!! However though, it also runs at a price of $85.  I wouldn’t spend that on this bag.

She also had a couple other designs that I kind of liked because they were different then the Vera Bradley norm:

Vera Bradley Purse/Book bag

Book bag/Purse

I actually really like this, but it is priced at $110 for a simple little book bag.

Vera Bradley

Jewelry Bag

This is a jewelry bag, and it is priced at $48.

But then there are things, and I’m like ….really though??

Vera Bradley


Once again, love this design!!! Butttt, I’m not going to pay $32 for a basic rubber flip-flop that I can buy at Old Navy for $5.

Vera Bradley Bag

Versatile Bag

This is a versatile bag that you can use for multiple things, but is priced at $170!

This is where I draw my conclusion.  It is such a popular thing for girls in college to carry.  Vera Bradley is also very popular for almost every age. However though, I’m not going to like something just because it is popular, and everyone else likes it.  That actually makes me like it less.  On top of that though, I feel like some of the prices for the accessories are over priced.  People seem to love this style though.  I just cannot get into it.



  1. Some of their things are over priced like the wallets. But I have to say that I own over $1000 in their merchandise. I have the laptop portfolio, the backpack, multiple lanyards, id cases, purses, the large duffel, I use the lunch box to carry my DSLR camera around because it helps keep it at room temp. I could probably be a spokes person for them because I love their products so much! They clean up nice and I have never gotten a hole or anything in any of their products. Compared to Coach or Dooney and Bourke, which I also own a lot of, I have to say you can get designer quality and name for a decent price. If you want to carry name brand you are going to have to pay something for it.

    Oh and the flip flops are the most comfortable flip flops in the world! I could run a marathon in those baby’s (haha).. I didn’t pay $32 for them though, they were on sale so I only paid $15.

  2. I really liked the design that was used on the laptop carrier, and the flip flops …but generally I don’t like the designs. I’ve never gone out of my way to buy the products, but my store manager at my old job was obsessed with it …so she would always get stuff for us for Christmas/birthdays or whatever. I had a wallet and a lanyard. I’m just personally not into it because its not my style, and because sooo many people have it. That’s what made me want to write this blog because of how many people in a days time I see carrying it. Like you said though, if it has good quality, and I can understand why people would want to spend money on it because of that reason.

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