Cool Trend: Clothes with Skulls

Skulls have been a trend that have been around for a very long time.  People that mostly only wore them, however, were punk, grunge, gothic, ect.  Times are changing though! Skulls in fashion right now are a very hot trend.  You see them every where! Walking around campus you can see a lot of different ways that people are wearing them, also. There are a lot of different ways that you can wear them: on pants, shirts, jewelry & ect. So I’m going to show you a few cute ways to wear this trend that I love!

Skull Earrings

Skull Earrings

The first item that I am going to show, are these cute skull earrings.  They are different, and I’ve never really seen anyone wear something like these.  (makes me like them eveb more!) But they are very cute.

Headband with Skull, Rhinestones & Chains attached.

Skull Headband

This is a headband that has a skull at the top that is connected to the band part, then has rhinestones and a few small chains that hang off of it.

Shorts -- Half Skulls, Half Black.

Skull Shorts

These shorts could be worn around campus, once it gets a little more worn out! These are so cute.  One side is black, and the other half is white and has little skulls all over them. I would love to have these. These are one of my favorite items that I have found within the skull trend.

Black and Grey Skull Sweater

Skull Sweater

This is a grey black sweater that has different skull heads, with accents around the heads.  Very trendy sweater to wear during the colder months.

Black Skull Shirt

Black Skull Shirt

Shorter Sleeve Black Skull Shirt

Shorter Sleeve Black Skull Shirt

Both of these shirts are very cute & also very trendy. The one to the left is a long sleeved shirt that has a skull on it and has designs within the skull.  The shirt to the right is a shorter sleeve, and I like it very much. The skull that is on it is cute, its right eye is a star and the left eye is a heart. Both can be worn with either jeans or leggings.

Last, but not least, I’m going to show two very cute pairs of shoes. I wouldn’t necessarily wear them around campus, but I couldn’t resist but to put them into this blog. I found them whenever I was doing my research and looking for clothes for this blog. They are very different, and look hot whenever you go out.

Zip-down Skull Shoes

Zip-down Skull Shoes

This pair has so much going on, and I don’t always like that ..but on these, I do! The zipper on them has a small skull accent, and they have stripes at the top, designs on the body of the shoe, and studs on the platform.  The heel is what I really like about these shoes, it wraps up the to the top of the heel and looks so different and so cute.

Skull High Heels

Skull High Heels

I absolutely love these shoes!! You can’t see the front, but they tie down and have black on the very front and (as you can see) black on the inside of the shoes, and white on the outside.  They underneath you can see the skull accent with the red around it.  These are sooo cute.



I hope that I showed you a new trend, that maybe you haven’t tried out yet because it wasn’t your thing.  There are small ways that you can add in a new trend, and intertwine it with your own style.  Skulls are very cool, and can be found in about any store that you can go into.  Until next time, peace!



  1. Can’t say I’m exactly all into the skulls but some of the stuff does seem pretty cool. Skulls just remind me of Pop Punk so much. For some reason I find myself liking those skull zip down shoes. If I would see a girl in those I would definitely think she was Bad A**! Your selection of clothing was also pretty nice for what style you chose. Keep up the good work!

    • Skulls is one of those things that either you like, or you don’t. It has become a very popular trend though, not just for pop punk, emo or whatever you want to call it now. I think it is starting to get away from that stereotype. I think that they are cute!!! Haha… I don’t know why I like them, but I do. & I like those shoes too, but thank you for your comment 🙂

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