Grammys: Speechless.

Normally I write about fashions happening around my college campus, or pieces that you can wear that are cute/different. In this post, however, I’m dedicating it to the fashions of the Grammys 2012.  The Grammys are the only awards show that I typically enjoy to watch because I love music and to watch the performances.  There were a few cute ones that I kind of adored, but there were so many things that made me take a second glance.  Let’s take a look at a few:

The guys mostly looked very nice, except Rick Ross who went a little bit too casual for the Grammys.  Blake Shelton, the Kings of Leon & Drake were my favorites of the night.  I thought that they all looked very handsome and well dressed.  The women of the night either looked really looked, or you had to take a second glance at their outfits.  From Fergie’s see through orange gown, to the guns on the dress of Sasha Gradiva to the yellow pieces of fabric that hung off of Bonnie Mckees dress, to Nicki Minaj and her fake Pope as an accessory. Some of the outfits made me think “what the hell?”  But… not all were bad, I saw a lot that I liked.  Rihanna stood out from the crowd, I thought that she looked so beautiful.  She wore a simple black dress, but just looked awesome!! Which one is your favorite?


  1. Why did Fergie even bother putting any clothes on at all? Terrible outfit, but I normally don’t like what she wears anyway. I think she tries too hard.

    • I despised that outfit … it’s like she is trying to be trendy, but just turns out to be an epic fail every time.

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